Welcome to Bollin Primary School

Email: bollinprim.admin(at)trafford.gov.uk 

Telephone: 0161 928 8900

Teaching and Learning

At Bollin Primary School we are committed to making the best possible provision for our children, in order that they may achieve their full potential in all areas of the curriculum. 

We believe that learning happens best when both heart and mind are engaged and we have a clear and strong focus on our children:


  • ENJOYING their learning;
  • THRIVING in a stimulating environment;
  • BEING CHALLENGED in their thinking;
  • BUILDING resilience;
  • DEVELOPING a positive growth mindset and a ‘can do’ approach to learning;
  • DEEPENING knowledge and understanding.


Our school mission statement “Growing hearts and minds together” underpins our approach to teaching and learning. Our children love learning and enjoy their school experience.

We have developed a Bollin approach to teaching and learning which ensures a consistency as children progress through our school whilst also providing the space for staff’s individual creativity within their classroom.

We would love to welcome any prospective parents to a tour of our school to see our Bollin approach in action.