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Since September 2017 we have been on a significant journey, researching, discussing and developing a curriculum framework that is right for our school. We began with our English and Maths Frameworks and then considered the wider curriculum.


This has been an exciting, challenging journey where we have questioned all that we do. Most significantly we have started with the ‘why’ and dedicated significant time to unpick and understand the purpose and aims of our curriculum.


We have questioned ‘why we teach’ and ‘why we do what we do’ and ‘what are the outcomes that we want for every child in our school’. We have researched best practice in all curriculum areas, engaged in significant reading and taken time to visit other schools. Senior leaders, subject leaders, teachers and teaching assistants have all been involved in the journey but it is only as a result of this journey that we have a reached a clarity and understanding about what we want our curriculum to be about and what we want to achieve.


The many challenges and questions asked have resulted in us developing a deep understanding of curriculum purpose and design. We have clarity over the why, what and how of our new curriculum and teaching staff have ownership of the process and the outcome.


Subject leaders and senior leadership have worked closely to develop a curriculum that is cohesive, progressive and ‘irresistible’ curriculum for every child at our school.


From September 2019 we have fully implemented our new curriculum framework and we have been excited to see the impact!


Curriculum Purpose and Aims


What is the PURPOSE of our curriculum? 

At Bollin Primary, the overarching purpose of our curriculum is to:

“Enable our children to secure deep knowledge and understanding; develop learning and thinking, personal and social skills; nurture kindness and respect in others and in the world; address social diadvantage; build self-confidence and resilience and foster a love of learning.”


As a staff we are passionate about our curriculum and have spent two years researching, discussing and developing a curriculum framework and model that meets the needs of our school, excites staff and children alike and achieves our curriculum purpose.


What are our Curriculum AIMS?


Our curriculum has been designed to:

  • be exciting and engaging and accessible for all.
  • encourage children to develop a love of learning.
  • develop metacognitive (learning how to learn) and thinking skills
  • be relevant, local, meaningful and develops social conscience.
  • be vocabulary rich.

Through an effective staff development programme we enable our teaching staff to have the skill, knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm to teach the curriculum.


As a result our curriculum is designed to enable every child to:

achieve well in all areas of the curriculum.

  • retain knowledge and make connections in their learning to deepen understanding.
  • thrive on challenge and actively seek to further their knowledge and deepen their understanding.
  • be engaged, confident and excited to learn.
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