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Community Links

Fostering strong, meaningful links with our local community is so important to us. We believe that community links are essential for the growth, development and wellbeing of all our pupils.  Links with our local community help us to build relationships with groups and individuals who will provide positive role models for our children whether within the world of work, spiritual and moral development or everyday experiences.   

Our school is part of the local community and we actively seek opportuity to further foster and grow our links.
Examples of some community links we have.

Trafford Integration Project – We are part of this local project that connects local care homes with a primary school. Our children visit Handsworth Care Home, in Bowdon, taking part in shared activities with the residents such as card games, wordsearches, reading poems and playing the piano. It is a very humbling experience for our children and a fantastic opportunity to develop intergenerational understanding. Feedback from both children and the residents is testament to the impact of this project which we are so priviledged to be a part of.

  • Local secondary schools - We are currently working with North Cetrian and Bowdon Church School on a two-year Transition Project looking into further developing effective transition arrangements. Our project is one of 18 projects linking primary and secondary schools, across Trafford, each project focusing on a different aspect of transition. This a Trafford wide project involving over 45 Trafford schools will culminate in a us all sharing our learning to inform and improve future transiton arrangements.
  • STEM Ambassadors – As part of our ambition to further promote and develop STEM opportunities, we welcome STEM ambassadors to share their experiences and lead STEM sessions with our children. For example, Zuby Ahmed, Programme & Creative Director Video Game Design & Production at The University of Birmingham, has been working with our Year 6 children on a project to design a compluter game.                                   
  • Local Sports Clubs – We have strong links with many local sports clubs, working with us to offer a strong PE and sport curriculum offer, we also signpost and encourage our children to pursue sporting activity outside school through the local clubs.
  • Wildlife Victoria - Back in January 2020, Australia had been devastated by bushfires that had broken out and consequently an estimated 1 billion animals died. Some of our children were very keen for us to do something as a school to raise funds. As a school, we created some fantastic artwork and sold them, after school one day, raising £485 from the sales. 


During Covid school closure, we have actively sort ways to foster connections with our school and local community. We might not have been there for each other physically, but it was really important that we stayed connected.


  • Bollin Book at Bedtime - From the very start of lockdown, staff were recording themselves at home, reading children's stories. Every day at 6pm, we then posted one of the recordings on You Tube. Feedback was so positive from famiiles of both younger and older children. Children have loved seeing a different member of staff every day and it had an huge impact on keeping connected with our families.

Such was the response that a number of our children began to record stories too and joined the rota of readers!


  • Bollin Bedtime Stories - Following on from the success of Bollin Bedtine Books, several members of staff recorded themselves reading a chapter of a book. These recording were also posted over several consecutive evenings aimed at keeping conncted with our older children.


  • Befriend a Silver Surfer - At the start of lockdown, there was much talk about all the elderly members of the community who were likely to be isolated during this time. With kindness and community central tenet of our school's ethos, it felt like we should do what we could to help them. Our solution was a project that came to be called 'Befriend a Silver Surfer'.

The idea was to link up children with older members of the local community so that they could start a correspondence with them. Members of staff acted as post-people, distributing correspondence back and forth, to children and elderly alike. We started by reaching out to Kirsten at St Mary's Church, to ask if there were any older members of their community (we called them Silver Surfers) who might be interested in taking part in this project.

Before long we had seven enthusiastic Surfers who were keen and ready to go. We then asked Year Two parents (and then Year Three parents) if their children would like to take part in an ongoing letter exchange with our new Surfer friends. Three months on and the project is still rolling on...

Mrs Radford and Mr Darling collected post most days and cycling, walking and delivering letters to children as far away as Mobberley and Preston. They have chatted to many of these Silver Surfers and been struck by the joy they are getting from taking part in this correspondence. It has been really heartening to see the impact that these small acts of kindness are having upon people across the wider community. 


  • Letters for Care homes - A number of our children wrote to residents of local care homes during lockdown to let resudents know that they were in our thoughts.