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Covid-19 Safety

Since the government’s announcement that primary schools can begin re-open to all pupils from September 2020, we have been developing our re-opening plans and reviewing our current Risk Assessment, taking into account national and local guidance whilst developing a planning process, and plans themselves, that meet the need of our school community.

This risk assessment forms part of our re-opening plans and details the key risks identified and the mitigating strategies that we have identified to reduce the risk of infection transmission in our school. The aim of the risk assessment is to identify the key risks and then identify all the reasonable mitigating strategies to minimise the risk.

We recognise that can’t ever remove the risk but we can continually reflect on our practice so that we do all that is practicably and reasonably possible to minimise it. We also recognise that scientific and medical guidance is continually changing and we will adapt the risk assessment in light of this too.

This risk assessment has been developed in consultation with staff, unions representatives, governors and trustees.


This risk assessment is a live document and is under continual review.


Information for parents and carers about going back to school in the Autumn Term can be found on the government's website following the link below: